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My Inspiration

About two years ago I experienced hypnosis for the very first time in my life. It was something I knew little about - in fact I thought it was all about piercing eyes, fixing a glance at a swinging watch - maybe the pointed beard and german accent too :-) No, not that bad.

Anyway, I sought such help out due to sheer desperation back in December 2001, went with a lot of hope and trust, praying that it would be my salvation. I can honestly say that it made a huge change to my life in nerves, self confidence, and my way of speaking. A real life changing experience.

Before my first appointment, I read a lot about hypnosis on the net and it helped me to calm my nerves a lot before going along - though even so, on the first couple of appointments, I took a valium to help them further.

Now, as I know more about it all, I don't need to rely on such artificial aids before an appointment as I know it to be a deeply relaxing experience.

It is fascinating to discover that a guy called Anton Mercer sowed the seeds for what we know hypnosis to be today. I was also quite surprised that he inspired the word 'mesmerised' - which has always been a favorite and much used word of mine :-)

Martin Maguire

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